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Jim Mayes - Realtor
Certified Foreclosure Specialist

Bank REO Services

Are you looking for a qualified real estate professional in Tampa Bay to market and sell your REO properties? Jim Mayes, a Certified Foreclosure Specialist, along with his incredible team, is a powerful force in real estate for the Tampa Bay area and will work non-stop for your business!

We are an experienced, energetic team dedicated to the quick turn around of your REO properties. The support staff includes a full time website developer/administrator, billing assistants, and a dedicated legal team. Should your REO referrals be handled any other way?

We maintain our own website, allowing us to keep our clients and visitors up to date with our current listings on a daily basis. You can request BPOs or our REO through our BPO order form.

How Is Jim Different:

  • Jim doesn't just work 5 days a week. Jim is available 7 days a week and after hours. Potential buyers and buyer agents can contact Jim anytime with questions, to view a property, or to write an offer.

  • Jim places 2 lockboxes on each property. A combination lockbox allows maintenance people access to the property when needed. An electronic lockbox allows real estate agents to access the property 7 days a week without calling to ask for the combination of the lockbox. This makes it easier for other agents to show the property to potential buyers, and it allows us to track which agents have shown the property and how many times they've shown it, giving us a much more accurate picture of the activity on each property.

  • Jim doesn't just rely on the MLS to sell the properties. Jim markets bank properties much like a regular listings. Magazine, newspaper, email blasts, and Internet marketing are some of the strategies Jim uses in promoting each property.

  • Jim's goal is to get the highest and best offer for each property. When an offer comes in on a property, Jim encourages competition for the property by notifying other agents who have shown an interest in the property, in an effort to generate multiple offers for the lender to consider. When multiple offers do come in, Jim provides each agent, in writing, with a multiple offer form encouraging them to bring their "highest and best" offers to the table.

  • Jim and his team will provide the deposits to have the electric and water turned on so that buyers can properly view and inspect the property.

  • Jim provides constant feedback and communication with the lender, through phone calls and email, to ensure that the lender stays informed about the property condition, property activity, and market conditions.

Services We Provide:

  • BPO sent within 72 hours of occupancy verification

  • Handle evictions

  • Immediately have property secured and locks re-keyed

  • Skilled negotiations through a certified foreclosure specialist

  • 24/7 availability from a member of our team to answer questions and assist investors and individual buyers

  • Targeted marketing through our website and our REO email list to investors and individual buyers

  • Weekly inspection of all properties to ensure proper maintenance is completed

  • Immediate follow-up of all leads

Within First Week Of Listing Property                                                                                                                               

  • Verify occupancy status within 24hrs.

  • Institute cash for keys per sellers request if occupied.

  • Once vacant, have property re-keyed and lock box installed.

  • Digital photos emailed and hard copies mailed within 72hrs.

  • Complete BPO on property and damage inspection reports.

  • Have vendors bid on initial interior cleanup and lawn cleanup.

  • Inspect property and make appropriate suggestions to seller to prepare home.

  • Price property to sell.

  • Input in Multiple Listing Services, automatically placing property on Internet.

  • Place sign on property, with appropriate riders.

  • Schedule photography and virtual tour photo sessions for high valued properties.

  • Place as a featured property on our web site and placed on,,,, and

  • Initiate marketing program for property

  • Email local investors property information.

  • Prepare color brochure to place on site.

  • Send out postcards with picture and description of home.

  • Keep track of showings and agent feedback.

Weekly Maintenance Of Property Listing                                                                                                                        

  • Weekly inspection of property.

  • Daily prospecting for buyers.

  • Report feedback from showings.

  • Assess impact of ads and make necessary revisions.

  • Inspect property inventory brochures.

  • Report agent showings and agent feedback.

  • Follow-up on leads.

Monthly Maintenance Of Property Listing                                                                                                                       

  • Evaluate effectiveness of current market plan.

  • Review price with seller and determine if adjustment is necessary.

  • Discuss current marketing plan with seller and determine any changes in plan.

  • Provide monthly status reports to seller.

Contact Jim to discuss your REO requirements at 727-804-7842 or 

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